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Getting Ready for your Portrait Session-Get haircuts, perms or experiment with any new hairstyles for all family members about two weeks prior to your scheduled portrait session. Don't try a new style or look the day of the portrait.-Select clothing that will flatter all members of your family. For instance, most people photograph better in long sleeves than short-sleeved or sleeveless tops. Long pants or jeans are usually more flattering than shorts.-Coordinate your family’s clothing selections. Solid colors generally photograph much better than patterns, stripes or plaids, and you’ll want to stick to one or two basic colors for a coordinated look. For instance, all family members could wear blue jeans and tops in various shades of blue or khaki pants with white shirts. Both make a great classic casual look. For something more formal, you could opt for a black dress or pantsuit for mom, a black jacket and slacks for dad and black pants and/or skirts for the kids, enhanced by more colorful tops. Shades of blue always work well. So do complimentary greens and/or pinks or even red. Similarly, you could opt for a palette of rich warm colors, such as browns, golds and ivory in lieu of black.- Make sure everyone’s clothing is clean, pressed and ready to wear the day before your photo session. Have everyone try on their outfits with shoes. This will help avoid any last minute panic if you notice a missing button, a torn hem, or discover that your son has outgrown his shirt or your daughter doesn’t have shoes that go with the dress you just bought.- Skin Problems- If skin problems arise, don't worry. Our portraits can be fully retouched to eliminate blemishes and/or harsh lines. - Glasses - Although glare can be removed from glasses, this will result in retouching charges. If your glasses are tinted, or espeically thck, this an not be fixed in the final portrait. You may want to ask your eye doctor for a pair of empty frames. - Tanning - Removal of tan lines is not included in our regualr retouching, and will incur a seperate fee- Braces - Braces can be removed for an additional fee